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Hi! I'm Trish!

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to live a simple, vintage lifestyle.  I felt I belonged in the colonial times, times before electricity and mass manufacturing.  While I always wanted to live in the country, somehow I made choices that brought me to the opposite direction...the city. Homemaking is necessary whether you live in the city or the country!

I struggled with this longing for the country life a long time ( I still do, to be honest) instead I choose to remember the saying "bloom where you are planted" and decided to bring the cozy, cottage country, vintage lifestyle to our home in the city. 

On this blog you will read how I do this. I will also sporadically post  some items we make in the shop.

I have been through an incredible loss just over 10 years ago when my only child, my daughter aged 20, died unexpectedly.  Below is a link to the blog I wrote about that first year of grieving the loss of an only child.

The above photo is a few years old but I've always liked it!

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