A grocery store for Mrs. Sparrow and her friends.

Updated: Mar 30

The weather here in Nova Scotia has been off by a couple of months for the past few years. Autumns run well into November now. I took this picture on November 5th where many leaves, and the grass, are still green. The temperatures still above 0c. Back when I was a kid, there would be snowstorms by now.

My roses are in a third wave of blooms! They are sparse but still wanting to put forth flowers. A part of us likes these warmer, longer Autumns, yet we know it isn't right and feel conflicted. We say things like "it's a beautiful day today! Warm for this time of year!" as a smile creeps up on our faces but then you can feel a tension in your body. There is a knowing beyond that smile, this warm weather shouldn't be.

I am working to change this barren little city plot into a haven for pollinators, bugs and birds while being mindful to reduce the chances of attracting rats and raccoons. I choose not to have a vegetable garden anymore. I can buy food anywhere but the birds and insects are struggling to find food. My mission is to create an urban grocery store for them,

in the style of English Cottage gardens. I have had to change my mindset and not put seeds out for the birds because not only did it attract rodents, bird feeders have been the source of a deadly virus for many birds in our province. Instead, my goal is to plant seed/berry bearing plants, plants in hopes to attract insects and pollinators, plants that provide shelter for them all and to provide a source of water. It is more natural for them this way. They have to forage for their food, keeping their instincts honed. I do however put some seeds out in the winter as I worry too much for their survival.

Living in the city doesn't mean you can't contribute to the survival of these creatures. We have a very small, postage sized yard. It is still a work in progress but in the 6 years we've been here, we've done a lot and we have attracted many birds and insects.

It is odd to write a post about gardening in November but as I show you pictures of the fading garden, notice the leaves on the ground and imagine little creatures creating homes under there. Those leaves provide shelter for insects and pollinators. Those leave are also creating new soil.

There is a certain beauty in a fading garden, the colours aren't trying to impress anymore, they are sleepy in their tones.

Since Halloween is over and my mind is moving into Christmas season, I am making use of the pumpkins we bought for decoration from a farm stand. I am roasting the pumpkin seeds. I wanted to make pumpkin puree and pumpkin soup but I waited too long and the flesh was mushy from frost. So the rest of the pumpkins went in the compost.

I put the hay bales over some garden beds for mulch. The beds look all nice and cozy for winter now!

We had our contractor in on the weekend and we are excited to see this little urban cottage take in an even more cozy feel over the next 6 months or so. I will post progress.

Also, I have some Christmas projects on the go and look forward to posting those too!

wishing you peace,


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