A lit lantern in the dark

Faith means living with uncertainty - feeling your way through life, letting your heart guide you like a lantern in the dark.

Dan Millman

What a rollercoaster it has been since I last posted. A long time has passed since my last blog post. I find myself posting my updates and other inspirations on Instagram and feel it may be redundant for you on here. I do hold back on Instagram as most of my followers are stitchers and aren't necessarily interested in my other posts. It is the dilemma of someone who is interested in and does, many things!

I had hoped I could turn this page, my social media platforms into a retirement project that might bring in some income and fun challenges to keep my brain sharp. I quickly realized though that making and selling items is not the way! Materials are so expensive and the time it takes to create what I create, just makes it not worthwhile. I will still create content but I am feeling a bit discouraged, as it's so very hard to break through on social media.

Since this website is expensive, I may have to move to a free site like Blogger. I actually had more success on Blogger with my old blog than this paid one! Maybe it was the content but I'm not convinced.

I hope to simply continue on this path I'm being guided to be on. I feel a pull in a direction and am guided like a lantern in the dark even though I do not know where I am headed.

The renovations are pretty much done. We still have to do some painting, add some hardware on doors and we are waiting for our stair carpet to be installed. We are also looking out for some wall art pieces for the living room and other places so I haven't taken pictures because it doesn't feel complete yet. The kitchen is complete though so I will post pictures.

Space for our kitchen table!

I love how the house is feeling. It is exactly what we imagined if not better. We were surprised at how spacious the kitchen feels now. It is still a small space but it is much better use of that space.

Wood countertops and open shelving feel cozy
Farmhouse style in the city!

Hurricane Fiona ripped through our province. There has been extensive damage in some parts, such as Cape Breton but our city has also had considerable damage. I was worried about flooding as we are on a slab (no basement) so with 120 cms of rain, it was possible it could have flooded our main level. I was worried our renovations would have been ruined! Thank God though, that didn't happen. We lost power for 3 days which was challenging! We lost some food items but otherwise we did well. Our beautiful rose arbour in the front toppled over but did not break so we were able to put it back up with the rose vine unphased!

The next evening of the hurricane we took a drive to the ocean and the scenery was breath taking!

During the power outage I got some serious stitching done on a project I had pretty much given up on. I had decided to preemptively make a stocking for someone I expect will be making a baby announcement anytime soon. Then I started second guessing this stocking. Is it too old fashioned for this couple? Will they appreciate the work behind it? I felt that they probably wouldn't see it the same way I do. Which I totally understand. Not everyone has the same tastes.

Anyway, the power outage forced me to work on it (out of sheer boredom) as it is the only stitching project I had that I could see without artificial lighting. So I worked on it and now it's 80 % done. As I was stitching, I had a sense this couple will soon announce a baby coming and that is why I was "made" to work on it. Who am I to judge whether or not they'll like it?! If they don't that's fine but if they do I would be so glad I was forced to work on it! I think I am safe to write about this as I don't believe they read my blog. If they do then they can comment whether or not they like it now and save me time ;) however, now I'm hooked on this project again and will finish it regardless. Maybe someone else would like it!

I also started a new knitting project after completing two hats and two pairs of socks recently. These mittens are challenging with new techniques I've never done before but so far I've learned them quickly!

New to me techniques, Latvian braid and knitted flounce edging

As I type this blog, I am reminded as to how much I enjoy doing this, so I will continue on until I am guided in another direction.

Like a spider going in all directions but yet still makes a useful and beautiful creation with her web, I too go in many directions in hopes to trap my muse and hold her close to my creative soul.

A symbol of the Goddess and of the creation of life

I make youtube videos and then remove them as they don't quite feel right. So I'm going to let that sit for a while. I post reels and stories on Instagram and on the Facebook group. These are shorter and less time consuming for me right now. I do still work full time. Maybe I'll get inspired once In A while and post a video but I'll let people know on Instagram or Facebook when I do or you can subscribe to my channel.

Links to all my social media platforms are on the homepage here.

I wish you all blessings from God and the Goddess

Xo Trish

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