Deep winter rest?

Through wisdom, a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Proverb 24:3-4

I hope you had a nice restful holiday. I wish you all, the best upcoming year ever! May we get ourselves out of this pandemic soon. I hope we learn some lessons from this pandemic especially when it comes to supporting each other and our incredible impact on the environment.

Our holiday was not quite what I'd had hoped. It wasn't bad but it wasn't the holiday of my imaginations in the previous months of October and November. Renovations were moving fast and furious before we expected them to start and then it came to a grinding halt. A week went by with not seeing our contractor due to obvious reasons such as holidays and for not so obvious reasons. They are back again but not everyday and not for full days due to weather issues.

We would take one step forward in the renos and then a few steps back with finding many hack jobs from the previous owner. Things she did to simply make the place sellable on the surface...we discovered walls held up by only drywall because the studs were cut, bad plumbing, dangerous wiring all these things had to be fixed. Taking more time and immensely cutting into our reno budget.

We've had to already drop some projects and rejig our kitchen reno plans. The upside though is that our contractor takes pride in his work and everything he is doing is not only properly done, but it feels solid and looks good so far.

When they took the drywall off, these studs leaned to the right like this / and they discovered the fan was venting to nowhere...worse, into the wall.

Studs fixed, wall insulated (wasn't before), new drywall and new fan. That is our new shower, floor and vanity!

I have to wonder if I started this blog at the wrong time but I really didn't expect them to start before the holidays! I don't have much to blog about when it comes to the theme of simple living and cozycore right now. This house feels completely the opposite of those things currently... chaos, stress and definitely not cozy or beautiful! The house is a mess of construction equipment, tripping over stuff all over the place, drywall dust everywhere and I mean everywhere. We have to live here while the renos are happening because of budget constraints and also having two cats and a dog that we don't want to upheave anymore than they are right now. We are bursting at the seams of this house and are expecting a delivery of kitchen cabinets next week. We have no idea where we're going to store them.

I promise though that once these renos are done I will have things to blog about. I am also waiting for 3.5 years worth of back pay from my day job due to being out of a contract for that long. I plan on buying better camera equipment with that money! I am hoping to also put up videos on YouTube. I am a very visual person and have always had an eye and great appreciation for beauty. I enjoy making videos as well as writing in this blog.

I will continue to blog fairly regularly despite the chaos, to give updates on the renos... maybe I will also have something nice to post about! I was really hoping to have a beautiful blog post about Candlemas in February but I can't make any promises. I think the renos will take another 2 months at least at this rate. I apologize for this delay and I hope you will stick around...I promise it will get better. We tell ourselves this everyday when trying to find clothes, showering in the dark, tripping over things, coughing up a lung due to drywall dust and so on... We are trying to remain up beat with our thoughts pointed to the future as to how it will all look in the end. It will truly be our Urban Cottage in the end.

The one amazing little miracle is how the birds still come to our yard for seeds despite the construction workers coming in and out of our house constantly and a yard full of construction debris. It is such a juxtaposition visually. These sweet little birds flitting around the debris and construction men without much fear to get their seeds. I love seeing them, they make my heart happy.

We took a break from the chaos and headed to Peggy's Cove armed with a hot herbal tea to keep us warm against the biting cold wind off the Atlantic Ocean. The scenery was broody with white caps making us feel cold just imagining the water temperature and the occasional break through of a ray of light from the sun hidden behind steel grey clouds. It was a perfect day as I do very much enjoy broody scenery. You can't beat the Atlantic Ocean for such moods.

On this note, I will end this blog and until next post, I wish you much happiness, health and wealth (in its various forms).



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