Quick reno update and some news!

As you may know, we had started renovations back in November. We had a new little shed built and the upstairs was to be renovated first. This upstairs job should have taken approximately 3 weeks. It is almost 4 months now and it is still not done.

Our contractor who we have used before has ghosted us. When we used him before there were some red flags, I admit, but he did finish the job. His communication wasn't great and he didn't show up consistently. This time it was exponentially worse. He would just disappear with excuse after excuse. We paid him weekly as he asked, we were very forgiving of his excuses and then one day, he just blocked us, made his business page private and blocked us from there. We did not deserve this rudeness and yet there we are with an unfinished reno upstairs and a house full of kitchen cabinets and materials for the reno downstairs. Our house is very small. It is 960 sq feet with no basement. Every inch of that place is precious.

Spare room acting as kitchen reno storage

We were feeling very hurt by his actions. We contacted another company who, after we waited 6 weeks for an appointment, walked in our place and within 10 minutes told us he didn't want to do the job. The budget was beneath him apparently. We were feeling very defeated and angry. This man was condescending and he had an "air" about him. So we were back on the hunt for another contractor to come and do a quote. One after the other we were told they were too busy as everyone is renovating it seems.

Good news though....at least we think, if not dare to hope...we have found someone who can start the work hopefully in May. I am afraid to get too optimistic but I also don't want to be negative. This contractor knows our places inside out as he has done the work for our condo board for decades.

None of our rooms upstairs are fully finished and I still can't set up my craft room yet.

One side of my craft room 😑

…but I can still knit a new blanket for the home.

However, what is done so far, we absolutely love. We are loving the direction the feel of our place is going. It truly is an urban cottage.

A sneak peak of some progress

We really look forward to having it all done and while the downstairs will be even more nightmarish than the upstairs, we hope it won't drag on for months and months. That too should only take a few weeks if worked on consistently.

Urban Cottage Creations News!

I have turned this site into a proper website with a its own domain name. I have hired someone to create my logo as well. I can't wait to see what she comes up with! This Urban Cottage Creations is a project to set me up with a little venture in my retirement in about 6 years…God willing. In the meantime, I want to spend my time slowly building this up to be a creative outlet for me. In retirement, I will have more time to spend creating content for my YouTube channel and blog and physical items for the shop. I love writing and creating videos about homemaking/domestic arts and my spiritual beliefs. It is a passion of mine. I have no idea where this will lead, I am trusting God on this one. So far it seems to be bad timing because of the reno situation and poor camera situation but I am being led to do this now for some reason!

This weekend I am buying new equipment for taking videos and pictures so I can finally get on that again. My current picture taking situation is dire!

On the top of all the pages on this website you will see my Facebook, Instagram and Youtube icons. I have renamed the Instagram account for consistency across all platform. Just click on those to Subscribe, follow or like! I have created a Facebook page for this site however if you follow Urban Cottage Creations on Instagram, Facebook posts will most likely be redundant for you. I created this for those who don't have Instagram. Honestly, I would follow one or the other unless you want to get in on the conversations that may not be on one or the other. Right now you won't be missing much but I know this will change. I have done videos before on a previous channel I had and love creating them. I will post on here when my first video is up or you can preemptively subscribe to my Youtube channel to get notifications of any new videos I post! Hopefully, there will be one before the renos begin.

We have plans for these barn doors …once they’re hung

Finally I want to say that I love getting comments. My last blog post generated a few comments on Instagram and I really appreciated reading them and interacting with you. I found this quote though that sums up my feelings on this subject.

I wish you peace and grace until the next time.



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