Robots and roast chicken

I am writing on a nice sunny day that feels like early Autumn. It's as if we skipped summer altogether. As much as I love Autumn and do not enjoy heat, I wouldn't skip summer as I would miss the flower blossoming progression! Too bad we couldn't have summer gardens with Autumn temperatures.

A little blog housekeeping coming up in this paragraph. I have had so many robots and spammers sign up to this blog. I was deleting a dozen member applications a day. I figured out a way to remove the possibility of robots signing up however, individual spammers can still do so. This has left me in a position where it is difficult to tell the legitimately interested people to the spammers...except for one way which isn't fool proof. If you sign up to be a member of the blog and my welcome emails automatically bounce back to me, chances are you are a spammer and you will be deleted. Bounced back emails lowers my "legitimate website" scoring so I do not appreciate this at all. If you have signed up to be a member and you are truly interested in the blog but have been declined by me or later deleted, please message me a personal message.

So moving onto some urban "homestead" old-fashioned cooking. I had a couple of requests for how I roast my chickens after my post on making chicken soup from leftover roast chicken suppers. How is this "homestead" when I don't have a farm? The chickens we buy are from a local source. It is someone else's homestead! When I roast these chickens it reminds me of being in the country. They are such delicious chickens and not expensive.

It's a super simple recipe originating from my French upbringing. When you go to France, you see markets everywhere with the scent of roast chickens wafting all around. The French love their roast chickens and so did we when we went a few years ago. We would buy a roast chicken before heading back to our Air BnB with some French beans and wine. Super simple, cheap and delicious! In fact we prefered doing this than eating in restaurants which were over-priced and frankly not that great (well the ones within our budget at least).

I grew up with roast chicken and noodles and usually a green veggie or salad to go with it. It's nothing fancy, simple to make and delicious to eat. I will put the recipe here which you can choose to download for your recipe box or folder. This is by no means a professional recipe post but it's such a simple meal, it requires simple recipe writing :) In the meantime, here is the not-Instagram worthy pictures of how it looks.

I like a little burnt garlic and onions!

Doesn't look like much right? But it tastes like France with my own personal twist. The skin is crispy and flavourful, the meat is moist and the onions at the bottom add a little extra to the dinner. The great thing about this is it provides a great base to make chicken soup stock with.

Just scrape off the burnt garlic if it’s not your thing.

Last you read, we were expecting renos to start up again, or at least get a quote, in May. It's June and still nothing. We have been in contact with our new contractor but he is running behind in another project so we keep getting pushed back. While it's very frustrating and makes us very nervous, I understand delays. Don't like it, but understand.

The garden is going crazy with leafing out and is still in the mostly green stage right now.

I will post another garden update soon with all the flowers blooming. I also have some summer canning projects coming up soon, so the next blog post will be packed with pictures and musings from the urban cottage kitchen and garden!

Painstakingly plucked dandelion petals

For now, I wanted to post a quick post and get you that roast chicken recipe.

I wish you peace and grace,



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