Welcome to the Urban Cottage!

It has been about 9 years since I last blogged. A link to my previous blog written years ago, on grieving the loss of my daughter, is in my bio in case you are interested.

This blog space is dedicated to sharing how I am passionate about creating beauty, peace, and comfort in our urban corner of the world. A space for dreaming dreams and invoking the style of Cottagecore, Grannycore, cozycore, slow and simple living combined.

There will be posts on kitchen creations, crafting, gardening and simple musings on how to bring that cozy cottage lifestyle to your life , on all levels including physically, emotionally and spiritually, even if you live in the city. We are also renovating to infuse our city home with even more of that cozy cottage feel and maybe posting about this process as well.

Life can be complicated and hard, I know this all too well, but it can also be beautiful, peaceful and creative. I believe God is creator of all we see and don’t see. I believe our purpose is to co-create with God. It does not matter to me what you believe in or don’t, this space is inclusive and affirming.

This is simply a short post to introduce this website and to share a little of what content will be here. While this is a curated version of life in the Urban Cottage, it will not be contrived. It is real life but I will ,more often than not, show the beauty of the cozycore life style. Life is hard and real enough, so escape here and be inspired. This space will be escapism but achievable escapism!

I will be investing in better equipment for photos and videos very soon.

I hope you will enjoy this space and please leave comments as I would love to get to know you.

Wishing you peace,


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